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Focus on business instead of administrative work

FindMyInvoice is a FREE Gmail extension that saves you time by organizing and tracking incoming invoices, bills, and statements. FindMyInvoice ensures your documents are saved and organized - automatically.

"Much easier & simpler to use than the Gmail filter. Good for productivity."

Jean Na

CEO, CleosLab
"This is an essential tool for every entrepreneur. I used to spend time every week looking for invoices and now I save hours per week. A solid 5 stars."

William Sacks

CEO, Kindara
"Very helpful, kind of like a virtual assistant. Highly recommended for any entrepreneur who wants to focus on business instead of administrative work."

Daniel V.

Automatic recognition

After a quick initial setup, your incoming invoices are automatically recognized by our smart algorithm. If you sign up with a new vendor or we missed something, you can also mark those emails and teach our algorithm to find similar emails later. If you get invoices in different languages: no worries, we can handle most languages.

Email to PDF

Invoices come in many different forms: as a PDF attachment, in the body of the email or even as a photo or a spreadsheet. No matter what the original form is, we convert it to a sleek PDF automatically.

Cloud Upload

Need to keep your invoices organized? (khm... rhetorical question) Invoices found by FindMyInvoice can be automatically uploaded to Google Drive and Dropbox. You can even share these folders with your accountant.

Invoice forwarding

We can forward your incoming invoices right away to any email address, eg. your accountant's. It is also a great way to integrate FindMyInvoice with your favorite accounting software. (Check our blog for details.)

Price detection

FindMyInvoice automatically detects the total amount on your invoices.


To make life easier, you can automatically get a spreadsheet with information on the invoices we recognized. It is great for simpler accounting purposes or sending it along with notes to your accountant.

Invoice Groups

Create separate invoice groups for your personal and business expenses or for different projects. You can even define different upload folders, email forwarding addresses and spreadsheet options.

Multiple accounts

Are you balancing more than one Gmail/G Suite accounts? FindMyInvoice can handle that as well. All you have to do is linking your other email accounts to your FindMyInvoice user.

... and a lot more!

We are working hard every day to make FindMyInvoice more useful for you. If you have an idea or a feature request, don't hesitate, drop us a line via support@findmyinvoice.com.

Your privacy is important.

We understand your email may contain sensitive information and you want to safeguard it. FindMyInvoice takes all the necessary steps in order to protect your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find an answer? Don't hesitate to reach out!

Let us tell you why we care. We are founders. Every single month, we have to search through 3-4 inboxes to gather all receipts from AWS, SendGrid, Google, Facebook, and more. From there, we have to put them all in the right folder respectively, storing everything in an organized and neat way. The problem is that it takes time - time which we could use so much better. If the words 'annoying admin' have ever crossed your mind, you need FindMyInvoice to become more productive.

Once you add the FindMyInvoice Chrome extension to your browser, it enhances your Gmail experience automatically. Firstly, you’ll need to connect your Google Account to the extension in order for us to find invoices in your mailbox. During the setup process, you'll see a subset of your emails of which you can mark your invoices with a checkbox. From there, you can set a date from which FindMyInvoice should start scanning your inbox for emails similar to the ones you marked as invoices. Your invoices will be synced to your Google Drive, to a newly-created FindMyInvoice folder, organized by the year and month when the email landed in your inbox. If you sign up with a vendor later, you can still add their invoice by clicking the FindMyInvoice icon once you hover over the email in your inbox. Here, you'll have the option to mark only that email or set it up for scanning from now on. You can even scan it from a date that has already passed. E.g. Like when you get an invoice from a vendor you totally forgot about, and you want to make sure you catch stuff they might have sent you earlier! FindMyInvoice needs access to your Gmail account to scan your emails for invoices. Nobody from our team will ever read your emails, and we won’t store them either. We strictly only use our access to perform the FindMyInvoice functionality described above.

By default, your invoices are synced with your Google Drive, to a new FindMyInvoice folder. Invoices are organized by the year and month the email landed in your inbox. Syncing does need a little propagation time. You can check if an invoice is already synced or not in your Gmail tab > My Invoices menu (on the left side). FindMyInvoice requires access to your Google Drive in order to do this, and we strictly only use this access to accomplish the organization and synchronization of invoices as described above. You can also add other Google Drive folders or your Dropbox as a syncing destination for your invoices.

In your Gmail inbox, hover over the email you want to mark as an invoice. On the right side, a couple of grey icons will show up. Select the little document-shaped one for FindMyInvoice and mark the email as an invoice. You can also set it up so we can know to look for any future invoices from that new vendor!

FindMyInvoice works well with both the old and new Gmail looks.

Definitely! If your G Suite admin allows external apps to connect to the accounts, you can use FindMyInvoice. If your admin has any questions, send them in our way via support@findmyinvoice.com.

Please reach out to us via support@findmyinvoice.com to check how we can connect to your preferred app. We are supporting a handful of apps already (check our blog for details) and would love to hear your preferences for what the next one should be!

Yes! We created Invoice Groups for this purpose, you can define which invoice goes where, different Google Drive folders, email forwarding addresses.

In your Gmail, go to the top-right corner you'll find a FindMyInvoice tab. Click on it to find multiple options to refer the app to others.

Of course! It is up to you if you are looking for electricity bills or website hosting bills!

We are here to help your workflow. Please feel free to reach out to our team via support@findmyinvoice.com to discuss any remaining questions!

Gmail is a registered trademark of Google. FindMyInvoice is not affiliated with Google or Gmail.

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